How to Install Rubber Matting on your Stairs?

Stairs are necessary, and their elegance and decor can add beauty to the house. But this does not shroud that stairs can be extremely dangerous. Carelessness on the stairs can lead to dangerous accidents, and slippery stairs add to the danger. More than 50% of the accidents at home or in buildings occur due to the bad-quality stairs installed.

One of the best ways to prevent such accidents is to install rubber stair mats that look stunning. On the other hand, they also make sure of utmost and highest safety possible for the residents.

You can easily get it from a Rubber Stair mats supplier.

Rubber greatly increases the friction between the surface of the stairs and the sole of your shoes to ensure that you do not slip. It is like wearing rubber boots every time you go up or down the stairs. The best part is that installing the rubber matting is extremely easy, and you can DIY without any external help.

Things that you would require from the Rubber Stair mats supplier:

  1. Rubber matting: to install on the stair
  2. Tape measure: to measure the rubber matting pieces
  3. Carpenter’s pencil: to mark the rubber mat
  4. Straight metal edge: to ensure perfect cuts
  5. Utility knife: to cut the mat
  6. Heavy-duty adhesive: to stick the matting on the stairs
  7. Hand roller: for the finishing

Step by Step Process of Installing Rubber Mats

Once you have got all the above stuff from the Rubber Stair mats supplier, here is how you can install the rubber matting on the stairs:

  1. First of all, you need to ensure that your stairs are clean, free from dirt and other unwanted substances so that the rubber matting sticks properly on the stairs. You must sweep them, mop them and then let them dry out completely before taking the next step.
  2. Next, you have to mark out the size and shape of your stairs on the rubber matting before you cut them. To do this, you must use a measuring tape, carefully measure each step, and then use a carpenter’s pencil to mark out the dimensions on the rubber matting sheet.
  3. Once you have the dimensions marked on the rubber mat, you can use your utility knife to cut out the rubber mats into the desired shape and size (a straight metal edge can assist you in doing so)
  4. Quick tip: Before you apply the adhesive and permanently stick on the rubber matting on the stairs, you must check whether it fits or not by simply placing the pieces on the stairs.
  5. Now apply a generous amount of the adhesive to the backside of the rubber matting and gently place it on the stairs ensuring that no air spaces are left.
  6. This is the time when the hand roller gets handy. You can use it to get rid of any air spaces that may have got trapped under the mat and also remove the extra adhesive to get the perfect finish.
  7. Do a double check to ensure that the rubber stair mats supplier has given the right product, and it should get installed properly, as it becomes difficult to remove and install again.

Just make sure to let it dry properly before using the staircase to ensure it stays in place. The rubber matting ensures safety in commercial and household settings, which is why it is a must-have!

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