Safe Step – Rubber Stair Mats

Staircases without mats over them are not a good idea at all. Firstly, it makes the staircase look bare, and not just that it is very dangerous to keep the staircases uncovered since they can get slippery sometimes.

  • 25*65cm, 25*75cm, 30*90cm, 30*120cm
  • Colors available on request
  • Hirange
  • Outdoor
  • Hirange
  • Home and Garden

Since staircases are one of the most used areas in the house, they are also bound to get dirty easily. Hence, to provide a suitable cover for your stairs, get in touch with Hirange, the renowned rubber stair mats supplier and secure good quality rubber stair mats.

Stair mats are indeed one of the most universally accepted options all over the world for stairs. Safe Step, a range of stair mats offered by the leading rubber stair mats supplier – Hirange are seamless to install. You won’t require an expert to do the installation part, and it won’t even take much time and money to do so.

Rubber step mats are also very durable and long-lasting, due to which they make a very cost-effective option that can be used for both indoor and outdoor stairways. Additionally, they come in a huge variety of designs and colours. Hence, you need not compromise on the aesthetics to get a safe and durable option.

Top Benefits Of Using Safe Step – Hirange’s Rubber Stair Mats

Good Grip

The biggest advantage of our rubber step mats is that not only are they easy to install, but they also ensure a confident grip. Whatever the kind of stairs you have, stair mats offer the perfect fitting. Moreover, they are apt to use for both indoors and outdoors as well. Hence, whether for your home or the garden outside, Safe Step is an excellent option as being versatile, it can be used anywhere.

Non-Porous Surface

Another big USP of our rubber stair mats is that they are quite dense and non-porous. Even when people step on them with wet feet or shoes during rains, these mats will easily absorb everything and remain clean.


These mats have good, slip-resistant features that help prevent slipping or falling and thus keep the stairways safe.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining our stair mats is again quite simple and does not require spending a large number of hours on their overall maintenance. Altogether, you just can’t go wrong with Safe Step, the most reliable rubber step mats for your staircase from Hirange, a prominent rubber stair mats supplier. Our stair mats are affordable, great in quality and available in different colours, designs and sizes.


Absolutely yes. Rubber stair mats are a great choice as they are anti-slip in nature and have the right amount of traction.