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Rubber mats are no more a choice but rather have become the need of the hour. When you look around at your home itself, you will realize multiple rubber mats placed in different parts of the house, be it in the kitchen, drawing room, bedrooms, bathroom, or gardens. Amongst the many places stated, gardens are the most popular places where one can install rubber mats.

Why get a Garden Rubber Mat from a Garden Rubber mats supplier?

When planning to create a play area for children- either a community play area or a personal play area- the primary concern is keeping them safe from all harm and injury. While we cannot prevent children from falling as they play, we can reduce the risks of injury by installing garden rubber mats from a Garden Rubber mats supplier.

These are extremely popular as they can be installed on rough and uneven surfaces with the least hassle and prove to be very protective. They can be easily bought from a garden rubber mats supplier and installed in your children’s playground.

Safety Advantages of garden rubber mats:

  1. They are shock absorbent, ensuring that the children do not hurt themselves even if they fall.
  2. They are perfect for chemically sensitive grounds, and the matting also in itself is free from any harmful chemicals that may be toxic.
  3. The Garden Rubber mats Supplier provides rubber mats that are compatible even with wheelchairs. This makes the children with any disability also access the ground without any problem.
  4. The garden rubber mats provide an anti-slip characteristic which makes them an ideal option for children.
  5. They are perfect for people who look forward to exercising or playing in the garden, as it reduces the chances of slipping.

Material Quality Benefits of garden rubber mats:

  1. The rubber matting material is such that it does not fold, remains smooth, and ensures no trips and falls.
  2. The rubber matting is available in a variety of colors, shapes, and designs, which can be laid easily on the surface of your garden
  3. They are odor-free and can be cleaned easily, and that is why they are limited to gardens but can be placed in indoor play areas.
  4. They are versatile, durable, and installed anywhere from rooftop play areas to children’s indoor gyms and public parks.

Cost Advantages of buying from a Garden Rubber mats Supplier:

  1. The garden rubber mats are very low maintenance and require minimum attention once installed
  2. They do not wear out or tear easily, and even if they do so, they can be easily repaired
  3. They are easy-to-clean and durable, which means that it is a long term investment for your requirement
  4. The installation charges of garden rubbers mats are also low as compared to the other types of garden flooring

Installation Advantages

  1. The installation process is very simple, and you can do it all by yourself even without a high-end help of a professional
  2. The colorful rubber mat tiles are available in a variety of shapes and colors so you can be creative with your imagination and make patterns
  3. Some connector pieces can be used with the tiles to ensure that it does not slip or move
  4. You do not need to use an adhesive while installing them as they are pretty heavy and do not shift under the weight. Also, not using an adhesive will mean that you can shift them whenever you want.

What are bubble rubber mats?

Bubble rubber mats are those rubber mats provided by a garden rubber mats supplier which can be used as anti-fatigue mats. They are embossed with 3-d rubber bubbles hence the name bubble rubber mats. They are excellent for those places which require their workers to stand for long hours tirelessly. These bubble rubber mats increase blood circulation to the feet, give them support, and make standing more comfortable.

What arering rubber mats?

Ring rubber mats are rubber mats provided by a garden rubber mats supplier which can be used for drainage purposes. They have hollow rings in them, which help drain out any mud, dirt, or water from them hence the name, ring rubber mats. They provide the protection and advantages of a rubber mat without holding the dirt or water in them and hence prevent clogging.


There are several options of rubber matting available for you to choose from according to your needs. However, it would help if you did not sacrifice their safety for a children’s play area and must get the garden rubber matting installed.

Especially in the gardens, there is a need for rubber mats such as bubble mats because gardens are a very slippery place, and there are chances of people falling. Most of the accidents in the garden take place, especially due to the watering of the plants. Hence, to prevent such mishaps, one can install bubble garden mats.

If you are looking for the highest quality of bubble rubber mats, then the high range is the place to purchase. Since the inception, High range has always believed in offering high-quality rubber mats, durable, made of the highest quality material, made with beautiful prints, and available in different colors and sizes.

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