Work Easy – Bubble Rubber Mats

On long days, the top surface of this bubble rubber mat will keep your staff comfortable. This special synthetic blend can be used in all kinds of production facilities.

  • 60*90cm, 90*120cm, Also available in custom size
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Colors available on request
  • Industrial

About Bubble Rubber Mats

This product should be purchased for industrial use mostly. Bubble rubber mats are incredibly safe and hygienic, as well as providing a non-slip working surface. Our rubber mats with bubbles Circular holes guarantee that water, accumulated muck, or debris is drained away. Small studs on the underside of each mat allow moisture to quickly drain away and hold mats securely in place when in prolonged use, making it suitable for both wet areas and washrooms.

Benefits Of Bubble Rubber Mats

Bubble rubber mats are 100 per cent eco-friendly and have a long lifespan, as they are composed of recyclable rubber. Washing it manually is preferable for the good and long life of bubble rubber mats. This rubber mat has a large border and a textured finish for comfort and an attractive appearance. This is a must-have for your living area because it can easily avoid falls and slides.
Anti-fatigue qualities of bubble rubber mats enable all-day comfort when standing for lengthy periods of time. Ideal for in-plant applications such as workstations, production lines, and so on.

Bubble Rubber Mats

Why Bubble Rubber Mats?

Best in class for both industrial and commercial applications. When standing for lengthy periods of time, its flexible and anti-fatigue qualities provide all-day comfort. This rubber mat is easy to clean and stain-resistant thanks to the drainage holes that allow waste to pass through. The mats are odourless, waterproof, and won’t leave a stain on your floors.
The mat’s bubble-like shape aids in the relaxation of your foot muscles, providing a calming effect to your tired feet! Each mat has a bubbling surface texture that catches the bottoms of shoes, preventing dangerous slips and falls. Rubber is incredibly resistant and durable, which is one of the primary reasons why it is so popular in the creation of floor mats. Rubber is very simple to clean and keep in good condition. Rubber floor mats are extremely adaptable, allowing them to be fitted on virtually any surface.
Highrange Bubble Rubber Mat is high on comfort and low on price. Each mat is solidly constructed of durable natural rubber and domes that subtly compress underfoot. The result – the durablility your work demands and the relief your body craves!


Product is available in black color only for now.