Rubber Horse Barn Mats – The Perfect Choice for your Stables

If you are an animal lover and the proud owner of horses, you should definitely consider buying rubber mats for your stable. You would be surprised to know the many benefits your horses will get from such mats. In addition to being long-lasting and waterproof, rubber horse mats provide great cushioning and comfort to your horses. Such mats are very popularly used in stables all over the world.

Besides being warm and comfortable for your horses than other flooring surfaces like concrete, horse barn mats are easily maintainable. They are easier to clean, and therefore, save a lot of your time and money. To know in detail about the advantages of using rubber horse mats for your stables, you will need to read the rest of the article.

Why Should You Use Horse Barn Mats for your Stable?

These are the multiple advantages of using rubber mats for horses:

  1. Protection from Falls : Stables can be slippery, and therefore, there is always the danger of your horses falling and getting hurt. In stables with concrete flooring, horses find it harder to get up as they do not get a proper grip. Moreover, if they slip and fall on your concrete floor, they may even suffer serious injuries. With rubber mats, there is no danger of slipping and falling since they are non-slip and provide a better grip for the horses.
  2. Good for your Horse’s Joints : Being shock-absorbent, rubber horse mats provide more cushioning for your horse’s joints. They prevent the strain that your horse’s joints have to undergo from standing for long hours. Also, the mat covers the concrete floor completely and prevents injuries that may occur when the horse kicks the hard floor.
  3. Provides Extra Comfort During Cold Climate : During winters, stables can be quite uncomfortable for the horses as the concrete floors can become damp and cold. Contrarily, horse barn mats provide greater insulation and more comfort to your horses in cold climates. Therefore, it makes practical sense to cover your concrete floors with rubber mats so that your horses benefit from the extra warmth and comfort.
  4. Prevents Bad Odours : Stables with straw beddings can become quite smelly and uncomfortable as they can absorb odour. On the other hand, rubber horse mats drain well and prevent moisture from getting trapped on the beddings and other parts of the stable. Hence, rubber horse mats help reduce odour formation in your stables. One significant thing you need to take care of is to ensure that you keep the underside of the rubber mat clean.
  5. Easier Cleaning : Rubber horse mats are much easier to clean than straw beddings, which take longer and more effort to maintain. You can clean these mats effectively within a matter of minutes. You can also lift them to clean the bottom side of the mats. Thus, by using rubber horse mats for your stable, you save a lot of time and energy.
  6. Promotes Good Health for your Horses : Another significant benefit of horse barn mats is that they help your horse remain in excellent health. The reason for this is that being soft and cushioning, the rubber surface facilitates quicker recovery and rest for your horses after the day’s activities. Also, traditional bedding is more prone to dust, and when you use rubber matting as a substitute, you prevent respiratory issues resulting from the dust. Thus, it prevents allergic reactions and keeps your horses healthy.

With a plethora of amazing benefits, it is not surprising that people have started using rubber horse mats for their stables. Get all these advantages by buying good quality rubber horse mats from a reputed supplier and installing them at your stable.

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