Are you looking for an effective solution to prevent dust and dirt from entering your home or office?

The surefire solution for your problem is to start keeping rubber door mats at your entrance. Whether homes or business places, today, people are popularly using rubber door mats at entrances because of their many advantages.

Many contaminants enter your home, or commercial unit through the footwear people wear. When you place rubber mats at your entrance, visitors are sure to wipe their footwear before entering. Doing this will disallow dirt and debris from entering inside and keep your interiors clean.

Rubber door mats are apt for places where there are chances of spills and heavy wear and tear. So, if you want to get a suitable doormat for your entrance, get in touch with a reputed entrance rubber mats supplier at the earliest.

If maintained in the right way, your rubber door mats will last for a very long time. Using inappropriate materials or techniques for cleaning them can cause them harm. So, it is better to ask your entrance rubber mats supplier the appropriate way to clean and maintain rubber doormats.

Cleaning Rubber Door mats the right way

Are you worried whether cleaning rubber door mats would be difficult and time-consuming? Shrug off such worries as rubber is a cost-effective, versatile material easier to clean than materials like fabric. We will now look at some recommended ways to clean rubber mats:

  1. Shake or Sweep the Mats : To remove dirt from your rubber doormats, take them outside and shake off the dirt. This method works with loose dirt. Beating them down will also get most of the debris off. You can also use a broom to sweep off the dirt. Sweep it many times to remove as much dirt as possible.
  2. Use a Vacuum Cleaner : Another way to remove dirt and debris is to vacuum your rubber doormats. Doing this after shaking your mat would be a better option.
  3. Clean with a Brush or Scraper : Sometimes, you may find it tough to shake off the dirt since it has dried up. The proper way to remove such stubborn dirt is to take your mat out and scrape off the caked mud or dirt with a brush or scraper.
  4. Remove Stains with Soap or a Cleaner : For stains on your rubber doormats, you will need to use a brush or a rag. If the stains are not coming off easily, use soap or a cleaner. Choose the cleaner carefully since solvent-based cleaners can damage the rubber.
  5. Wash with a Hose : Yet another way of cleaning rubber door mats is to use a garden hose and spraying with water. However, you need to ensure that the pressure is moderate since high pressure can damage your mat.

Remember that after you have finished washing your rubber mat with soap, you will need to rinse out the lather with water using a hose. The next step to do is to hang out your mat out till it dries completely. Not drying your mat properly could result in mould formation.

Maintaining Door mats for Extended Life

If you want your rubber door mats to last longer, you have to maintain them correctly. The following tips should help you:

  • Take Care of Stains : Never delay cleaning up the stains on your doormats. Use a towel or some other cloth, and try to remove the stain immediately. Timely cleaning can prevent the stan from getting worse.
  • Clean Beneath your Mat : Once a week, you need to clean the area below your doormat. If your floor has a carpet, use a vacuum cleaner, and if you have tiles underneath, use a mop to clean.
  • Practise Regular Cleaning : You should cultivate the habit of cleaning your rubber door mats regularly at least once a week. During the rainy season, washing should be more frequent since there will be a lot of dirt and mud lodged on your mats.

Rubber mats are practical and cost-effective, and if maintained correctly, they remain in optimum condition for long. Your best decision would be to purchase from a reputed rubber mats supplier like HighRange, who produce and supply only the highest quality mats made from Indian rubber.

They are a globally recognised firm, with their business spread across more than 30 nations in every continent. The superior quality of their rubber door mats and their excellent customer service have earned them recognition and awards.

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