Guide To Buy Door Mats For Your Business

Even though door mats might seem to be very simple or basic, in reality, rubber entrance mats do play a crucial role. Be it homes, offices, malls, shops, schools or colleges, doormats are omnipresent. However, when you come to buy door mats, there are a few factors to always keep in mind, especially when you are buying them for your business.

‘First Impression is the Last Impression’; this holds very much true in the case of any business. Hence, whenever a potential client visits a business, the first thing that will come to their notice will be the rubber entrance mats. Many people do not realize this, but door mats can speak volumes about their business and form a solid first impression. So, it is crucial to buy a rubber door mat that is of superior quality, and highly durable, besides having great looks as well.

Hence, it is important to look for high-quality door mats, which are durable and easy to maintain. However, for the type of rubber door mats you look forward to buying, you must consider the environment and the location of the business.

Are you hunting doormats for your business but caught up with all the work? Don’t worry; you can now conveniently buy door mats online.

Different Types of Rubber Door Mats Available

When it comes to door mats, there are a plethora of types available. You can buy a door mat based on your specific business needs.

Coir Entrance Mats

The rubber puzzle floor mats have a very strong motive attached to them. These are considered mainstays at These are one of the most beautiful door mats available, which add that required flair to the interiors of your business. These door mats have a printed message attached to them, which gives a very personalized touch for the clients entering the premises. Moreover, coir doormats are made up of eco-friendly materials, such as coconut husks, and at the same time, they are also mould-resistant. These mats are formulated with tough fiber, making them ideal for scrubbing shoes to remove any dirt or debris. They are also quite suitable for all types of weather conditions.

Rubber Entrance Mats

It goes without a doubt that rubber door mats are considered one of the most durable and popular door mats. Mostly these mats are made up of recycled tires. Any dirt or debris carried by people exposed to the environment does not enter the premises because of these rubber door mats. Also, the mats offer proper friction and grip so that the individual standing on them does not fall.

Carpet Entrance mats

If you want to add a very royal and professional look to the entrance of your business premises, then you can buy door mats of a particular kind called carpet entrance mats. These doormats are available in plenty of colours, which provides the buyers with a variety of options to match the overall decor of the premises. The biggest USP of these rubber door mats is that they are super simple to install and maintain. Moreover, they also help in bringing down the overall cleaning cost. These mats are absorbent, hence can easily soak up all the moisture and dust which come from the shoes.

Advantages of Buying Rubber Door Mat

Now, you have an idea of different types of door mats and how you can buy door mats online. Let us look at the main advantages of having doormats at your office premises.


One of the biggest advantages of buying door mats online is that they offer utmost cleanliness. The fundamental purpose of any door mat is to maintain cleanliness. When the business premises are clean, it will attract customers and make them feel good. The reverse can happen if the premises are very dirty, and it can create a poor impression in the customers’ minds and make them leave quickly.

Professional Appearance

Another reason one must buy door mats is that they give a professional appearance and ambience to your premises. Every business wants to create a very solid impression on the customers, and this can be achieved only by keeping the premises clean. People today are very finicky about cleanliness and appearance. When the premise entrance looks professional, it gives confidence to the people that they are going to the right place.

Elevates your Interiors

Although the door mats have plenty of fundamental features that justify why one should buy door mats online, there is another prominent reason – they add to the aesthetic look. An elegant-looking door mat can change the entire look of the place and lift it to another level.

Door Mats – Help in Adding Safety To The Firm Premise

Doormats bring the element of safety to your homes and offices. Here are some of the primary safety features attached with door mats:

Strong Grip

Doormats have a very strong grip that prevents people from skidding on slippery tiles. Whenever a client walks in, these mats not only keep away the dirt but also provide a strong grip on the feet. The door mats, which are made up of rubber, offer the best grip. Due to higher friction levels, the door mats prevent people from slipping. Their anti-slip features prevent people from falling on wet floors.

Strong Scrubbing Power

Doormats have in them very strong scrubbing power. Especially after heavy rains, when people enter the premises with wet and dirty shoes, the doormats help scrub all the damp soil and water. Hence, with the presence of door mats, the premise stays clean and tidy, and the interiors remain free from pollutants and microorganisms.

Hence, door mats in the office premises are a must without any doubt.

Why Choose Highrange?

Highrange is one of the most renowned and premium manufacturers of the finest quality flooring and mats, made of high-quality India rubber. Mats are an indispensable part of our interiors, and hence, it makes it all the more important to purchase them from reliable sources.

Out of many mat manufacturers available in the country, here are some of the prominent reasons why you can put your trust in Highrange:

High Powered Facility

The company has the capacity to produce around 40,000 kg of rubber compounds every day. But even after producing huge volumes, quality is always kept as the most important consideration.

Qualified Workforce

The workforce plays a very crucial role in helping any firm to provide very high-quality products. Highrange has onboard a highly qualified and experienced workforce.

Quality Control Wing

Since its inception, the professionals at Highrange have left no stone unturned in offering quality products. The firm has an up-to-date and in-house quality control wing to keep a check at every level.

Undoubtedly, you need to buy a rubber door mat from a trustworthy dealer like Highrange who gives an assurance of quality and durability.

Highrange products are available in 30+ nations and are trusted by lakhs of people around globally. The right decision to make would be to buy rubber door mat from Highrange for your business. With attractive and durable rubber entrance mats, you can create a lasting good impression of your business.

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