Shelter Max – Rubber Barn Mats

Your barn flooring needs to be very sturdy and have good traction to prevent horses and their handlers from falling and getting hurt. Many of the animals today suffer from different joint problems since the barn floors are too hard on their legs. However, with the help of high-quality mats like Hirange’s rubber barn mats, all these can be prevented.

  • 120*180*2.0cm
  • Black
  • Dairy

However, with the help of high-quality mats like Hirange’s rubber barn mats, all these can be prevented as these mats have a softer surface, which gives the right insulation against the tough ground. Barn mats are considered an essential aspect of any barnyard or livestock, which provide utmost safety and comfort.

Top Features of Hirange’s Rubber Barn Mats

  • Non-slip : Our rubber barn mats are non-slip and prevent the horses from slipping and injuring themselves. They are softer than surfaces like concrete and provide appropriate insulation from the hard ground.
  • Eco-friendly : They are made of eco-friendly and natural materials, and the materials used are recyclable.
  • High-Quality : Our barn mats are made using cutting edge technology and equipment and undergo strict checking by our quality control specialists during every stage of the manufacturing process.
rubber barn mats

Top Benefits of Hirange’s Rubber Barn Mats

  • Prevents Injuries : The rubber material of our barn stall mats helps reduce the risk of injuries, as it acts as a solid protectant against the cracks, chips, and scratches that may be present on the ground. This eventually helps in reducing the injury risk, as the cracked or uneven surfaces pose serious hazards to the animals and humans walking on such surfaces.
  • Remains Dry : Our rubber barn mats are moisture-resistant and come with texture on the bottom, which helps make the fluids vanish. This is considered a very effective feature as a mat that soaks water can cause discomfort. This also makes them easy to clean and maintain.
  • Customizable : Our rubber barn mats are very customizable and you get them in any size as per your needs and wants.
  • Use Them for any Space : Today, various individuals live in converted barns, which have been turned into workspaces, gyms, lofts, etc. Constantly standing or walking on the hard ground can lead to joint issues. Our rubber barn mat, being much more elastic than other surfaces, can be used for such places.

Who can use this?

The USP about these mats is that they can be used not only for animals but people also can use them. For example, people looking for a surface that is non-slip for their motorcycles and cars may use them. You can also place it under an art easel to catch the dust.

About Hirange:

Hirange is the one-stop destination when it comes to offering high-quality and premium rubber barn mats available at affordable and highly competitive prices.
You can check out our huge range of rubber barn mats, which can be customized as per your niche and wants. You can be assured of getting only the best quality products.


Yes, absolutely. Barn rubber matsare very versatile in nature and can be easily used at home, office shops etc.