Benefits of Cow Rubber Mats

In a dairy farm, the average working life of a cow is around four lactations. But unfortunately, many cows are facing some health conditions, which makes them have a shorter production period.

In addition, a poor housing condition can affect the cow’s welfare and health, along with the floor’s primary considerations.

It is very much crucial for the cows to be comfortable, especially when lying down. Because a cow needs to be lying down for about twelve hours to increase milk production, as the blood circulation to the under increases by thirty percent.

Rubber dairy mats manufacturer is waiting for you to help you protect your cows by giving you the best quality and durable cow mat.

In the earlier days, cow mats might not be a ‘Thing’ to be used, but in today’s time, they are prominently used and are very useful also indeed.

Maximum animal provisions have focused on the flooring since it is easy and cheap to install. Still, for its slippery and hard surface, the material can pose many serious health issues.

A study conducted using six types of different flooring options revealed that friction and locomotion are much better on rubber surfaces. The study also concluded that eighty percent of the livestock used for trials preferred standing and walking on rubber to concrete.

In addition, there are many rubber dairy mat manufacturersavailable in the market; you can easily access them for the cows’ comfort.

That’s why every livestock owner needs to buy a cow mat, which will be comfortable and durable.

Advantages Of Purchasing High-Quality Cow Rubber Mats

  1. Lessen the health risks among cows: These mats will protect the cows from the cold and hard floor and relieve them from arthritis. Arthritis can be the leading cause of lameness among cows, and it will affect their productivity. These mats are very much practical for cow’s joints and make them feel comfortable. Moreover, these mats will reduce the tear and wear on the feet of cows at the time of standing. If the livestock owner uses this mat, they can realize the reduced feet diseases, like heel warts, foot rots, and obviously, they will notice that they don’t need to cull their cows just like before. Furthermore, these cow mats have an anti-slipping surface for reducing the risk of slipping and falling. It has become very famous and popular that the rubber cow mats exporters are running their business very well.
  2. It will increase productivity: A comfortable cow mat will have an impact directly on the cow’s productivity. Those cows who will sleep on this mat become well-rested. So they will produce more milk than before. In addition, when they lie down on this comfortable mat, their blood circulation will be increased, which will help improve the quality of milk. As it will improve the pregnancy productivity of dairy cows, the owner can expect high profits if they buy this mat for the well-being of their cows.
  3. Durable and Sturdy: Usually, these mats are very tough and robust. Because they are made from rubber, which is being recycled, they become moisture resistant and heat resistant. Even when the temperature changes, they can remain tough. These mats can handle considerable foot traffic and heavyweight dairy cattle for long years.
  4. It is Eco-friendly: Most of the mats are made from recycled things, and so they become environmentally friendly. Generally, rubber mats are formed by old vehicle tires. That is the main reason why they are so durable, and obviously, they can tolerate rough uses for long years. These mats are perfect for those farmers searching for the best quality product that will not harm the environment.
  5. Simple to Clean: For cow barns, it is essential to maintain hygiene. A dirty and humid barn is a birth ground for those bacteria, which can be the leading cause of diseases and infections. And this disease is very harmful; it will affect the productivity and the well-being of the cows. And significantly, these cow mats are very easy to clean.


These cow mats are an ideal partner for the farmers and the dairy owner, who are willing to increase productivity by protecting their cows. So why are you waiting for me? Go search for a rubber cow mats Exporter, and buy a comfortable cow mat for your cows. This cow mat will boost the comfort level of cows, and the dairy owner and farmer will get the benefits of that.

Highrange is indeed one of the best places to search for when looking for high-quality cow mats. These rubber mats are available in varied sizes, designs, colors, and patterns to meet your needs. You can expect high-quality rubber mats from Hirange available at affordable prices.

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