Shelter Queen – Rubber Cow Mat

A good quality rubber cow mat can make your milking process both comfortable and mess-free. You need to ensure that the rubber cow floor mats you buy are easy to clean and comfortable to stand on because milking can often take hours. Hirange offers affordable and best online rubber cow mat prices.

  • 100*100*2.0cm
  • Black
  • Dairy

It is advisable to get Hirange rubber cow mats that come with an effective coin pattern on both sides, making them comfortable, mess-free, and easy to clean.

Hirange is a leading rubber cow floor mats exporter supplying mats made of special quality rubber. Our rubber cow mats are specially designed for dairy animals and ensure that your livestock has the best experience while they are being milked. The mats not only increase the profit of the dairy farmers but also helps the animals stay fit, fine, and healthy.

Top Features of Hirange Cow Mats

Hirange Rubber Cow Mats are one of a kind and come with the following exclusive features:

  • Easy to clean
  • Weather-resistant material
  • Premium quality rubber
  • Anti-fatigue properties
rubber cow mats

Benefits of Using Hirange Rubber Cow Floor Mats

These are the top reasons to invest in a premium quality rubber cow mat from Hirange:

  • Comfortable to Rest :
    Rubber Cow mats provide a comfortable surface for the cows to sit down. Cows and buffaloes are heavy animals, and when they sit to rest, their udders get stressed due to their heavy bodyweight. This may cause inflammation of the udders, thus reducing their productivity. Our rubber cow floor mats have special, anti-fatigue properties and thus give the cows a comfortable area to sit, keeping their udders healthy and the milk production up to the mark.
  • Suitable for all Climates :
    Hirange cow floor mats are made of premium-quality weather-resistant material. They do not undergo any change in texture during different climates. So, the cows can experience the best flooring throughout the year. Our rubber mats are produced using only the best quality rubber that is highly resistant to any kind of damage or change due to either moisture or heat.
  • Keeps Milking Area Hygienic :
    Our rubber cow mats are excellent not only for the animals but also for the people doing the milking. They can perform better when standing over a comfortable, anti-fatigue surface. Also, our rubber cow floor mats are easy to clean and maintain, which helps to keep the milking area clean and hygienic for your cows and milking personnel.Hirange cow mats have excellent rubber surfaces that help increase the cows’ blood circulation, aiding in better milking. We are the most trusted and reputed rubber cow mat exporters and manufacturer of various sizes and shapes. You can choose to buy a mat that best serves your purpose. Hirange cow mats are very easy to clean and maintain and have a long life.


Yes, rubber cow mats are strong in nature, and they can easily withstand the weight of the heavy cows, besides preventing them from slipping.