How Do Disinfectant Rubber Mats Work & Why Do We Need Them?

Most of us are not familiar with the concept of disinfectant mats, and when we hear about disinfection, we mostly think of the sanitizers that we use to wash our hands. Many are not even aware that their shoes can spread viruses, bacteria and other contaminants very quickly from one place to another. The best solution available to resolve this problem is to place disinfectant rubber mats at entrances that help people sanitize their footwear while entering the premises.

How Do Disinfectant Mats Work?

Even though it looks like an ordinary mat in terms of looks, a disinfectant floor mat is very effective at removing dirt since it has raised edges that can contain sanitizing solutions, which can fight contamination and stop the spread of disease-causing infections.

A disinfectant mat contains special antimicrobial material on its surface to fight contamination. There are many types of such mats available, and some of them even have multiple sections containing such protective material. One great benefit of these mats is that they can be easily installed and do not require tools like screws, glues, or clamps to keep them in place.

Why Do We Need Disinfectant Mats?

Studies show that disinfectant mats, when placed at areas that experience heavy traffic, help prevent the spread of bacteria and contamination to a large extent. Viruses and other micro-organisms spread through tiny droplets that land on the floor when people sneeze or cough. People walking on these droplets unknowingly contaminate their footwear, and from them, these microbes can easily be transmitted to the hands. From the hands, these contaminants can spread quickly from one person to another.

Even though we may wash our hands frequently with soap or disinfectants, a sanitizing floor mat can act as an additional defence layer against such harmful pathogens.
A disinfection mat is, therefore, an indispensable tool at places like hospitals, fish hatcheries, food processing facilities, veterinary facilities, zoos, animal shelters, agricultural farms and laboratories to keep the area sanitized. Disinfectant mats can be used not only for big industrial facilities or hospitals, but you can also install them at homes, offices, or small retail establishments to protect them from infection.

These mats should be ideally placed at entrances and exits of sensitive areas, such as those at healthcare facilities or food processing units, to thwart the spread of dangerous contaminants present on footwear. By doing so, you can halt the transmission right at the entrances themselves.

There are various types of disinfecting rubber mats available, and you can choose one based on the site’s requirements. For sensitive, high-risk areas like hospital ICUs, there are special mats available with a strong concentration of disinfectant solution.

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Prevention is many times better than cure. By placing disinfectant mats at entrances, you can keep harmful contaminants away and prevent the spread of contagious diseases. And, whenever you decide to buy a disinfectant mat, Highrange products should be your automatic choice since no other product can match their quality and effectiveness.

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