Difference Between Rubber Horse Stall Mats & Gym Mats

Horse Stall Mats are rubber mats that are made exclusively for horse stables and training facilities. These rubber mats are highly durable and can easily withstand the heavy weight of horses. They are not prone to wear and tear and can last for years in optimum condition. These stall mats have an excellent grip that prevents the horses from falling down and suffering injuries.

Rubber Gym Mats are manufactured especially to withstand heavy equipment like treadmills or stationary bikes at gyms. In order to facilitate both light as well as heavy-duty usage, a wide range of gym mats are available.

Durable rubber gym mats are the mats used in commercial gyms to provide a durable non-slip surface to the people who are exercising and prevent them from slipping and injuring themselves. Among the many gym flooring options, rubber is the most versatile flooring option for all kinds of workouts.

Both horse stall mats, as well as gym mats, are made of durable, shock-absorbent rubber that is long-lasting and easily maintainable.

Lets us briefly explore the pros of rubber horse stall mats and gym mats.

Benefits of Rubber Horse Stall Mats

High Shock Absorbency

These mats can absorb high levels of impact, which is essential for horse stalls since horses are heavy animals. The rubber mats provide excellent comfort for their joints.


Rubber horse mats have a strong grip and provide a durable, non-slippery surface for horses. Thus, there is no danger of horses slipping and hurting themselves.

Easier to Maintain

Rubber horse stall mats are water-resistant, and therefore, easy to clean. You can rinse them by pouring water from a hose or wiping them with a wet cloth.

Pros of Gym Floor Mats

Extremely Durable

Gym floor mats can easily withstand the impact of heavy equipment like dumbbells and weights. Even if any of these fall onto them, they can hold their shape well and do not get distorted.

Sound Insulation

Rubber gym mats excellently absorb the sound caused by the heavy gym equipment and help maintain a peaceful ambience for the people working out.


Since gym mats are made of high-quality rubber, they are resistant to moisture and can withstand water spillage. They are, therefore, the ideal flooring material for gyms where heavy sweating is common.

Easy to Install

Gym mats can be installed by anyone without needing any professional help. You can get interlocking floor tiles that are perfect for gym floors and easy to install. It becomes quite easy to move them from one place to another or lift them to clean and maintain them.

Now that you are familiar with the advantages and features of horse mats and gym mats, the next step is to buy these mats from a reputed manufacturer known for their high quality and dependable service. Highrange is the leading producer and supplier of high-quality rubber mats and caters to thousands of customers all around the world.

Why choose Highrange?

Highrange Rubber & Coir Products Pvt. Ltd. is an exceptional maker of fine quality mats and flooring made from high-quality Indian rubber. Highrange Rubber & Coir Products Pvt. Ltd. is a multi-purpose rubber manufacturing unit situated at Kottayam, Kerala, that was founded in 1978. The company diversified its family undertaking by producing rubber mats and flooring of exceptional quality.

They have leveraged their production excellence and strategic growth measures to reach international markets and have been catering to both business needs as well as household requirements worldwide. Highrange Rubber & Coir Products Pvt. Ltd have been awarded the National Award for Outstanding Export Performance in the MSME category (for rubber moulded products) for the year 2015–16 as an acknowledgement towards their superior product quality and excellent service for over three decades in the market.

With all these advantages, undoubtedly, Highrange is the brand you need to choose for all your rubber mat requirements.

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