Ring Max – Ring Rubber Mats

These anti-slip ring rubber mats is a must-have for safe poolsides/wet areas. It keeps your surface areas free from water accumulation. Hirange is one of the top suppliers of ring rubber mats online.

  • 40*60*1.6cm, 40×70*1.6cm, 50*80*1.6cm,50*100*1.6cm, 80*120*1.6cm,100*50*1.6cm, 50*80*2.2cm, 60*80*2.2cm, 50*100*2.2cm,80*120*2.2cm, 100*150*2.2cm, 100*200*2.2cm
  • Colors available on request
  • Outdoor
  • Commercial space
  • Highrange
  • Industrial

Long-lasting high quality rubber hollow mat for any use. It’s a pain to clean or wipe the floors when dirty guests come and go. Only presents indoor and outdoor floor mats designed for high-traffic entry areas.
Provides such a rug, which has a very opulent look and feel to it. Please take a look at our other things as well! Make sure to add us to your favourites list! Your order will be delivered as soon as possible.

Durability and upkeep clean and dry shoes quickly work well anyplace, indoors and out perfect for commercial entryways or areas that get heavy rain long-lasting, all-weather mat keeps interior floors clean and dries. It is far more durable and long-lasting than a standard carpet mat. One of the best slip resistance materials available captures and cleans incoming foot traffic, reducing potentially dangerous mishaps. With disappear trade doormat – no more muddy floors, risk-free – gorgeous doormats are sure to win your heart and complement your taste.

We offer ring rubber mats (Heavy-duty) in Sizes : 40*60*1.6cm, 40×70*1.6cm, 50*80*1.6cm,50*100*1.6cm, 80*120*1.6cm,100*50*1.6cm, 50*80*2.2cm, 60*80*2.2cm, 50*100*2.2cm,80*120*2.2cm, 100*150*2.2cm, 100*200*2.2cm

There is also a huge size available.

This is intended to allow for quick drainage of liquids while maintaining a safe footing. Use our ultra heavy duty thick ring rubber mats for gravel, grass, and sand stabilisation. Drain-through flooring that is both safe and durable! Our thick ring rubber mats are ideal for kennels, dairy, grass retention, anti-fatigue mats, soil stabilisation, under roads, pathways, and anyplace good drainage is required.

  • Made from a recycled and virgin rubber blend, these mats are great for grooming areas, wash racks, any areas requiring good drainage, and grass retention areas
  • Resilient flooring has garnered great marks for both animal and human comfort.
  • Ideal for use as an anti-fatigue mat under workbench areas.
  • Hundreds of small rubber nubs hold the bottom side of the mat off the subsurface, allowing liquids to drain
  • The bottom side of the mat is held off the subsurface by hundreds of small rubber nubs, allowing liquids to drain and move fast to the subfloor drain.
  • Use as a pathway covering over dirt or grass. During rainy weather, this mat will keep you out of the mud and protect the grassroots, preventing bald spots.
  • An ideal stabilising option that is both ecologically friendly and safe. Ideal for gravel or grassy streets and driveways, walks, parking lots, grazing shelters, and barns. Reduces, if not completely eliminates, stormwater runoff and erosion caused by rain, flooding, or excessive traffic.
  • Strengthen ramps, embankments, and even boat launch locations.
  • Simple to use and install. This heavy-duty mat is ideal for providing secure, healthy footing and flooring both indoors and outdoors.


These mats, which are made from a combination of recycled and virgin rubber, are great for grooming areas, wash racks, and any other locations that require adequate drainage, as well as grass retention areas.