Shield Tech (Weld Flex Resistant)

When welding sparks fly, these rubber anti-fatigue mats will keep you safe and its anti-fatigue properties will make long hours much more comfortable for you and your people. Hirange offers you one of the top and best rubber anti-fatigue mats which are made of 100% natural rubbers.

  • 90*90*1.4cm
  • Black
  • Industrial (Also available in ring, top deck, and link mat patterns)

What is the purpose of an anti-fatigue mat?

An anti-fatigue mat is a type of mat that is designed to relieve stress on the lower body caused by prolonged standing. With the growing popularity of ergonomic desks, it’s only natural that you’d want an ergonomic anti-fatigue mat as well.

Although standing for an 8-hour shift has many advantages over sitting, staying on your feet for so long can create pain in your lower back, knees, and neck. An anti-fatigue mat’s purpose is to induce minor muscle activity in order to keep your blood flowing. This action aids in the reduction of weariness in the lower extremities.

What is the mechanism behind it?

Typically, these Rubber Anti-fatigue mats are made of a soft, flexible material such as rubber or memory foam. The philosophy behind the mat’s flexibility is that it causes your foot and leg muscles to contract just enough to keep you balanced. This helps to keep your blood moving throughout your body, allowing more oxygen to reach your muscles.

Your legs don’t need to move much to keep you upright while you’re standing on a flat, firm surface. This causes your blood to pool, making it more difficult for your body to transport oxygen to your muscles in order to keep them awake and attentive. That’s when the suffering begins.

Rubber Anti-fatigue mats are also designed to absorb vibrations, making walking more comfortable. They also act as a hold on the floor, which helps to prevent slips and falls. There are even mats that are insulated to resist electric shocks and fires if you work in a warehouse.

rubber anti fatigue mats

Who should use a fatigue-relieving mat?

If you work as a cashier, a chef, in a warehouse, as a professor teaching from a podium, or anywhere else were standing for two hours or longer is required, an anti-fatigue mat should be considered. These rubber Anti-fatigue mats are particularly beneficial to those who have lower back or neck pain. They will assist in absorbing some of the pressure that is placed on your lower body as a result of standing. You can even keep them in your kitchen to assist you in cooking or cleaning. It’s critical to get a mat that both suits your needs and is appropriate for your surroundings.


Absolutely, it will help you work for long hours comfortably.