Dome Max – Rubber Roll Mat Online

When we look for suitable flooring for our house, office or any other place, a tough decision stands in front of us since there are many varieties available. However, in recent years, rubber flooring is being considered one of the ideal options by the masses. Buy rubber roll mats online from Hirange as they offer one of the best option and have high quality and durable rubber roll mats.

  • 90cm width – cut to any length
  • Black
  • Industrial

Rubber roll mat are very much in demand due to their multiple benefits, and most people are looking forward to buying rubber roll mats online today.

There is no better choice for rubber roll mats than Hirange’s Dome Max. Our rubber roll mats are very durable and are designed to provide a proper cushioning effect. Moreover, they even come with anti-fatigue properties. They have these bevelled edges, which helps in making the movement of wheels smooth along their surface. Our mats are apt for all places, from hospitals to shops, because of the many benefits they give.

Top Reasons to Buy Dome Max Rubber Roll Mats Online From Hirange

Durable and Resilient

Rubber is considered to be very resilient and, at the same
time, durable. It guarantees a proper grip, stability, and the
capability to withstand high impacts and heavy activity loads.
Being easy to maintain, our rubber roll mats can last for
years and save you the costs of having to buy flooring mats


One of the primary features of our rubber roll mats online is
that they feel ultra-comfortable and soft under the foot. They
have amazing cushioning and shock-absorbing properties, which
makes them safe to use.

Huge Variety

Hirange’s rubber roll mats come in different colours, designs
and texture options. Hence, this gives the buyer the chance to
choose from different options and match them well with the
interiors of their space. With solid and simple colours, it
would become easy to add flair to the space.

rubber roll


Rubber roll mats are one of the few flooring options that can easily get customized as per your needs and wants. One can cut them into different sizes and shape them as per the flooring. These can easily be rolled as and when required and perfectly fit the floor. Moreover, the seams are tight enough, making the floor look cohesive and sleek and providing no edge for tripping.

If you want to buy rubber roll mats online, then you must check out the Dome Max range offered by Hirange. We are regarded as the best online supplier when it comes to offering different kinds of rubber floorings. You can expect high quality, affordable prices, a huge range of varieties and all the other factors you are looking for at Hirange. Hence, buying rubber roll mats from Hirange will be a decision you will never regret.


Yes, rubber rolls are ideal to be used in the gym, as they have cushioning features and can be folded or unfolded when required.