Work Hawk – Industrial Rubber Mats

If the safety of your people is your primary concern, then these insulating industrial rubber mats are a necessary addition to your workplace. Their anti-slip surfaces secure the workplace and prevent electrical shocks.

  • 91*91*1.4cm, also available in custom size
  • Black
  • Terracotta
  • Industrial

About Industrial Rubber Mats

Industrial rubber mats are generally appropriate for all entrances, but they also provide a fantastic surface for spots where people may need to stand for extended periods of time. It has ample padding to assist decrease tiredness and foot strain. It also does not produce static electricity and is an excellent solution for industrial regions, manufacturers, and so on. These Industrial rubber mats come in Medium sizes and can be used for a variety of purposes. These mats, which are designed in accordance with industry standards, are known for their excellent design, smooth surface, and optimal insulating property.

Classy Design for Any Home

The luxurious grey colour with the embossed “welcome” motif complements your existing home d├ęcor and adds a classy touch to your home. It is meant to be suitable for the entry, hallway, foyer, and so on.

Why It Is Different from Other Mats?

The industrial rubber mat is totally flat on the floor and does not protrude at the corners. What distinguishes it? It comes with an embossed sign that never fades and lasts for years, and the quality always remains new after a wash.

industrial rubber mats

Absorbs moisture and traps all dirt

Absorbs everything! There’s no need to wipe your feet; simply walk in and they’ll be clean. Scrapes off dust, mud, snow, and so on, and rapidly absorbs moisture from shoes, leaving floors clean and dry.

If your shoes have a lot of water or dirt on them, please rub them a couple more times for a better result. It is ideal for houses with pets (dogs or cats) or children who need to keep their feet dry. Do not put it in a moist or very watery environment.

These Industrial rubber mats are designed for comfort and give exceptional durability as well as luxury. Because they are made of natural rubber, these mats resist cracking and sliding. They also protect your carpet, the appearance of your floor, and provide comfort every time your foot hits them. Highlights include: ECO-FRIENDLY Slip-resistant, anti-fatigue, washable Industrial rubber mats

Benefits Of Industrial Rubber Mats

This Industrial rubber mats is constructed of rubber, it is waterproof and readily eliminates dirt and mud. You can easily wash it and maintain it clean at all times. Natural rubber absorbs water and dirt from boots, while the thick rubber base maintains the mat in place. Reusable and simple to clean, simply spray or brush this washable Industrial rubber mats with a nozzle on a garden hose. The heavy-duty rubber material withstands even the harshest weather conditions and dries fast.


Yes, the product is durable and will last for years if maintained properly.

The product is available in two color, black and terracotta.