Trooper – Rubber Boot Dip Mats

This one-dip cleaning machine can carry a few litres of liquid detergent for your shoes to soak in. Scrub your dusty boots on their disinfecting bristles for a pristine appearance! Hirange is one of the top rubber boot dip mats suppliers in India.

  • 98*81*4.69cm, 80*60*3.0cm, 40*60*3.0cm
  • Black
  • Outdoor
  • Industrial
  • Commercial Space

Product Information

These mats have great liquid retention and a long lifespan. This makes them ideal for usage at entrances where preventing the transmission of germs is critical.

Our sanitising boot dip mats are available in three sizes: 98*81*4.69cm, 80*60*3.0cm, and 40*60*3.0cm. They also have a deep well designed specifically for the retention of liquids and disinfectants. This is why the mats are called “boot dips.” These mats also include a dimpled well base that has been specifically designed to catch undesired liquid and dirt from the shoe’s bottom.

Each of our rubber boot dip mats has a bevelled safety edge that runs around the outside of the mat. This significantly decreases possible tripping dangers, resulting in a safer working environment overall. These mats come in all-black or black with a bright yellow safety edge for increased visibility.

Features include: ease of maintenance, UV resistance, and a long life.

Other information:

  • Raised wall features can be used to store anti-germ detergent or any other disinfection liquid for hygienic cleaning.
  • Thousands of rubber bristles help to clean and trap dirt in boots.
  • The rear grip design secures the mat to the floor.
  • The mat’s yellow, green, and orange edges make it highly visible.

Clean, Disinfect & Sanitize :

Latest edition shoe disinfection mat. Rubber boot dip mats have produced a high-quality, high-performance shoe sanitiser mat that achieves the greatest cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitising effects. At the entryway, greet your guests and polish your shoes.

Indoor And Outdoor Use :

Rubber boot dip mats are versatile pieces that may be installed at any¬†doorway’s entrance. Use as both an interior and outdoor doormat. Use our sanitising mat to disinfect all varieties of shoe bottoms, from the dirtiest boots to the most expensive office shoes.

Safe and Non-Slip :

Rubber boot dip mats offer a double non-slip design and a strong grip on the ground to avoid slipping. Anti-slip plugs are located at the four corners to improve the overall stability index and give additional protection for the elderly and children.

Installation is Simple And Quick:

The product equipment is preassembled, and instructions are given to explain how to assemble the parts for immediate use. To minimise bacterial infections, soapy water or disinfectants should be used. Place a sanitising shoe mat in your favourite entryway.

Effortless to Clean :

After cleaning and drying, the water-absorbent pad can be reused. (Reminder: The absorbent pad is made of microfiber fabric; do not wash it in a machine or rub it while cleaning.) When cleaning, avoid brushing the backside.)


There are 3 different sizes as follows - 98*81*4.69cm, 80*60*3.0cm, and 40*60*3.0cm