Shield Lock – Rubber Gym Mats

If you are planning to start a state-of-the-art gym, you should seriously consider providing your clients with a safe and reliable floor for their workouts.
It would be dangerous to participate in strenuous exercises without the support of a sturdy floor with excellent cushioning properties. And what better way to enhance the floor’s safety than by installing rubber gym tiles from Hirange, one of India’s best rubber gym mats manufacturers.

  • 100*100*15cm
  • Black
  • Gym

While exercising, strength and balance are needed to maintain a good position, and shock absorption is a must to avoid injuries. Our shield lock gym tiles, with their amazing cushioning abilities, will fully safeguard the joints and ligaments of your customers while exercising. Additionally, our rubber gym tiles will protect your gym’s flooring since the equipment can be very heavy and can damage the flooring.

5 Amazing Benefits of Hirange’s Shield Lock Gym Tiles

  • Extremely Durable :
    Our Shield Lock Gym Tiles are made of the finest Indian rubber using cutting-edge equipment and technology. They are sturdy, have amazing tensile strength, and will last for extended periods in optimum condition.
  • Easy to Clean :
    Since our mats are made of superior-quality rubber, which is an easy to clean material, you will not experience any difficulty in maintaining them. Clean them easily using a damp cloth to remove dirt or just shake off any dust or grime stuck to them.
  • Simple Installation :
    Installing the gym tiles is as easy as interlocking a puzzle and is done quickly. Hence, you don’t need the help of professionals or a guide to help install them at your gym.
  • Shock Absorbing :
    Our tiles possess the essential shock-absorbing properties that help prevent injuries due to falls and high-impact exercises. They provide you with maximum comfort while performing high-intensity workouts like CrossFit training.
  • Noise Reducing :
    Another feature you will adore is that our gym tiles reduce noise levels significantly. This is especially beneficial during activities like aerobic sessions or dancercise workouts that can be too loud for comfort.

Top Reasons to Choose Highrange’s Shield Lock Gym Tiles
Today, Highrange is recognized as one of India’s top rubber gym mats manufacturers because of the premium quality of our gym tiles that matches international standards.

The USPs of our tiles:

  • Superior Quality : Our rubber gym tiles undergo the strictest quality control processes at our manufacturing unit. This ensures that consumers get only the best products.
  • Customized Sizes : You can get gym tiles in any size you want as per the unique requirements of your gym flooring.
  • Full Value for Investment : The money you spend on buying our gym tiles will be the best investment you make. Our products are known for being extremely durable and last for years.

At Highrange, we are committed to providing the highest level of service to customers, and nothing matters to us more than their full satisfaction.
Never compromise on your gym flooring. Get Shield Lock Gym Tiles from Highrange, the leading rubber gym mats manufacturers that not only look great but provide the safest and most reliable surface for workouts.


Yes, absolutely. Rubber gym mats are ideal for all kinds of workouts as they have the required grip to hold people while they are working out.