Shelter Mate – Rubber Dairy Mats

When it comes to a barn, the flooring plays a huge role as it has to be sturdy enough to withstand the weight of the cows. Unfortunately, many animals suffer from joint issues, and the core reason behind it is the bad flooring. Hirange is one of the best rubber dairy mats manufacturers in India.

  • 120*180*2.4cm, 115*180*2.4cm
  • Black
  • Dairy

By covering the flooring with the right products, such as Shelter Mate from a renowned rubber dairy mats manufacturer like Hirange, you can prevent injuries to your cows. Our dairy floor mats provide great comfort to the cows and are, therefore, an asset to the barns.

Top Features Of Shelter Mate – Rubber Dairy Mats :

  • Eco-Friendly : Shelter Mate is made of natural, non-toxic and eco-friendly materials, which are easily recyclable and provide no harm to society.
  • Premium Quality : One of the reasons we are considered as the best rubber dairy mats manufacturer is because of the top-quality dairy floor mats we provide. The manufacturing process of our rubber mats goes through multiple stages of quality control to eliminate even the slightest of defects.
  • Technology : We have onboard the most advanced equipment and technology to make our rubber dairy mats manufacturing more useful and of high-quality.
  • Non-Slippery : Our rubber dairy barn mats are non-slippery, which prevents the cows from hurting themselves. These mats have a soft surface attached to them, which provides proper insulation from the tough ground.

Reasons Why You Should Use Shelter Mate

Low Maintenance

When it comes to keeping your mats neat, it can be very tedious. But our rubber dairy mats are quite low maintenance. One does not need to spend hours cleaning up. Moreover, the biggest USP of these rubber mats is that they are moisture-resistant and have a texture attached to the bottom, making the fluid go away quickly.

Can be Customized

Instead of having to force yourself to buy ready-made rubber dairy mats with Shelter Mate, you always have an option for customization. It is very easy to customize these mats as per your needs and pick your size, colour, design etc.

No More Injuries

The rubber material of Shelter Mate helps in preventing injuries to a huge extent. This is because it acts as a protection against those scratches and cracks present in the ground. It helps in protecting both humans and animals by giving them a solid grip on the flooring.


One great thing about our dairy floor mats is that they are suitable for plenty of areas, including lofts, barns, gyms etc. They can be a great asset not just for animals but also for humans. Our elastic rubber diary mats make it easy to walk on hard grounds.

If you are looking for an ideal rubber dairy mat for your barn, you can blindly trust Shelter Mate made by Hirange, the leading rubber dairy mats manufacturer. You can get assured products in terms of quality and pricing, and in terms of variety, you get plenty of options.


Yes, dairy rubber mats are easy to clean since it takes only a few seconds to get rid of any dirt thoroughly.