Ramp Rubber Mats

The flooring of any ramp, whether it’s an access ramp or a promenade, is crucial. Ramps come in a range of materials, each with varying degrees of traction & grip. A rubber ramp mat is useful for concrete slopes, metal modular ramps, & wood inclined walks.

  • 40*60cm, 45*75cm, 60*90cm, 90*150cm
  • Black
  • Home and Garden

In addition to providing additional grip, rubber ramp mats ensure safe foot traffic at sloping surfaces and temporary walkways, such as those found at construction sites, boat docks, or houses.

Customization of a Ramp Rubber Mats

Ramp mats and a runner can also be custom cut and placed indoors and outdoors to suit your sizing needs because ramps can be of various sizes and shapes. Some businesses have sloping pathways leading to different entryways, while residential areas have temporary walkways made from wood or metal, as well as modular ramps that can be used at any entry point. The ramp flooring should be more than merely the wooden, concrete, or possibly metal material given with the original building. Particularly in outdoor settings, these wooden or metal sloping surfaces get dangerously slippery when wet.

Rubber ramp mats with textured surfaces, such as corrugations, diamond plate, or coin grip patterns, to mention a few, are an excellent accent to any wood, concrete, or metal ramp flooring. To maintain traffic safety, all sloped paths should have a ramp mat installed since wood and metal surfaces lose grip when wet.

The high coefficient of friction of rubber ramp mats makes them ideal for improving grip and traction. This gives pedestrians and wheelchairs greater grip, as well as the ramp flooring, as it can resist any scratches and scrapes from constant use. By itself, this quality plus corrugated and textured designs on your ramp mat make rubber ramp flooring especially favourable for installation into sloping surfaces and ramp walkways, even temporarily. In addition to being durable and grippy, rubber ramp mats are also water-resistant. Rubber as a material can be used outdoors in almost any weather condition.

Is Ramp Rubber Mats Safe?

Corrugated rubber ramp mats are also a great option for ramp flooring because of their durability and ability to trap debris and moisture to further help with traction, grip, and inevitably safety. Many rubber ramp mats come from reclaimed and recycled rubber which, by virtue, puts less strain on the environment and still keeps rubber’s naturally elastic and durable qualities.

Multiple ramp mats and runners, fairly inexpensive as they may be, can also be purchased to overlap and connect with tape, which is perfect for temporary installation. On the other hand, for more permanent installation of your rubber ramp mat or runner, there are a few heavy-duty types of glue and 2-sided carpet tape options to use.

Where ramp flooring is concerned, safety should always come as the number one priority. A rubber ramp mat is an excellent product for ramp flooring on any sloping surface, access ramp, or inclined walkway thanks to its durability, installation ease, and mobility. Rubber ramp mats improve friction and access on-ramps made of metal, concrete, or wood. Rubber ramp mats are sturdy and safe ramp flooring.