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HomeStead - Rubber Door Mats

Door mats placed at your home or office entrance play a very important role. The mats keep away dirt and contaminants from entering inside since visitors will wipe their footwear on the mats before they enter.
So, you need to get your hands on the right rubber door mats that are excellent for welcoming your visitors. Hirange offers the best rubber door mats HomeStead, which keeps your interiors clean and prevents people from slipping during heavy rains.

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  • 40*60cm, 45*75cm, 60*90cm
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Placing rubber door mats at entrances is an excellent cost-effective solution since they are highly durable and last for extended periods. They keep away microorganisms and help maintain a hygienic environment inside your home or office.

Top Advantages Of Hirange’s HomeStead Rubber Door Mats

Amongst the multiple advantages of using our rubber door mats, here are the most relevant ones:

Variety :

One of the biggest USPs of using Hirange’s HomeStead rubber door mats is that they are available in a plethora of varieties. They are available in designs, colours, patterns and textures of your choice.

Durable :

Our rubber entrance mats are made of high-quality rubber. They are sturdy and durable and can easily last for years if maintained properly.


A great advantage of using our rubber door mats is that they are recyclable. These mats are an ideal environment-friendly option.

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Easy to Maintain :

The home or the entrance is the place where maximum movement takes place. Hence, mats are bound to get dirty easily. However, with HomeStead rubber door mats, you will not have to spend hours cleaning them. Our mats are water-proof, which makes them super easy to clean. All one has to do is very gently mop them with a damp cloth. You won't even require any chemical products for cleaning the mats.

Non-Porous Surface

Rubber floor mats are non-porous and dense. Hence, during rain, when people step on them with wet and dirty shoes, you can clean the mats by rinsing them with water easily. They will also drain easily as they do not retain water.


Rubber as a material is known to have sound-absorbing properties. Therefore, our rubber mats are suitable for installing at homes, gyms, health centres, malls, etc.

Makes a Good Impression

By placing rubber door mats at your entrance, you create an excellent first impression on customers visiting your office or store. Such a trendy mat elevates your doorway’s overall appearance.


Rubber as a material has non-porous characteristics, which makes it ideal to be used as door mats as it drains water easily.
You can wash rubber mats once a week, and it will only take a few minutes to do so.