Equine Guard – Rubber Equine Mats

If you own horses and have a stable for them, you need to provide the flooring with adequate protection since injuries can happen anytime due to slipping when the floor gets wet. What you need is rubber equine mats with a firm grip to prevent your horses from slipping and injuring their joints and legs.
There is no better product to buy than Equine Guard, made by Hirange, India’s No.1 rubber mat manufacturer.

  • 80*120*1.0cm
  • Black
  • Equine

Our equine rubber flooring mats provide sufficient cushion to your horses from the hard, concrete or wooden flooring and protect their joints from injury. They also make the environment more warm, hygienic, and comfortable for the horses, especially during the winter months when the flooring can get cold.

Top Benefits of Equine Guard – Hirange’s rubber equine Mats

  • Prevents Injuries :
    It is common for horses to slip on the wet floors of their stables and injure their joints while getting up or moving about. Our equine rubber flooring mats are non-slippery and give the horses a firm grip that prevents them from falling and hurting themselves. The mats protect not only the horses but also the people who ride them from injuries.
  • Easy to Maintain :
    The process of cleaning our rubber equine mats is much easier when compared to straw beddings or other types of flooring. As they are made of rubber, our mats do not attract dust or other contaminants and are easy to clean and disinfect. Cleaning only takes a few minutes, which you can easily do by shaking off any dirt stuck to them or wiping with a damp cloth on both sides.
  • Keeps your Horses in Good Health :
    By installing our equine rubber flooring mats, you help your horses maintain optimum health always. The soft cushioning of the mats helps your horses recover quickly after their tiring activities during the day. By using a rubber mat in place of conventional beds that attract dust, you provide a clean, dust-free resting environment for your horses. Hence, your horses do not suffer allergic reactions and remain free from respiratory infections.
  • Stables remain odour-free :
    When you use straw beddings or other traditional beddings, they can absorb odour, making your stables very smelly. Our rubber equine mats do not attract moisture or odour and drain well, which keep your stable odour-free and hygienic.
  • Makes your Stables very Comfortable :
    During winter months, concrete and other types of floorings can make the horses uncomfortable since they become cold and damp. On the other hand, rubber mats remain dry and provide extra warmth and comfort to horses. This also helps protect your horses’ joint health since they do not get exposed to the cold flooring that can cause joint pain.

Key Reasons to Buy Hirange’s Equine Guard

  • Easy to Install :
    The mats are lightweight, and you can install them easily on your existing wooden panels or any other flooring you may have. There is no need to have any special expertise or knowledge to install them.
  • Unmatched Quality :
    Hirange’s rubber equine mats are made from high-quality rubber, which makes them strong enough to withstand damage due to wear and tear and horse pawing.
  • Full Value for Money :
    Our rubber mats are easy to maintain, have a long life, and last for years in excellent condition. They are therefore an excellent investment to protect your horses’ health.
Rubber Equine Mats
If you love your horses and care for their wellbeing, get Equine Guard, the best rubber equine mats from Hirange for your stable as soon as possible. With these rubber mats, you enjoy peace of mind since you ensure excellent health for both your horses and their riders.


Yes, rubber equine mats are very safe as they have the traction to prevent horses and their riders from slipping or falling.