DustLock Pro – Disinfectant Rubber Mats

The high friction coefficient of these Disinfectant rubber mats / Rubber covid mats is just what you need for a secure entrance to your home/office. Its lightweight and weather-resistant properties make it ideal for an outdoor setting.

  • 40*60cm, 45*75cm, 60*90cm, 90*150cm
  • Black
  • Home and Garden
  • Commercial space

Product Description

Disinfectant rubber mats are made by us.

These are Disinfectant rubber mats that are small, portable, washable, and long-lasting for usage at entry/exit locations. Its main goal is to clean and disinfect footwear in order to avoid the spread of germs/viruses and other potentially hazardous microorganisms. How should it be used?

  • Pour your preferred disinfectant solution (other than chlorine-based) into the mat’s pit.
  • Stand in the mat for a few seconds and rub your footwear off; this will clean and disinfect your footwear.
  • Take a step outside and wipe your wet shoes on an absorbent mat of your choice.
  • Congratulations, you have successfully disinfected your footwear.
  • Enter the premises and observe all safety precautions.

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Concerning this item

  • To Keep Your Home and Family Safe, Use rubber covid mats.
  • Keep COVID-19 away from your home/office.
  • Made in India with pride.
  • The rubber covid mats aids in the cleaning of shoes/footwear as well as the prevention of the COVID-19 virus in your house.
  • Size of Mat : 40*60cm, 45*75cm, 60*90cm, 90*150cm


No. Disinfectant solution is not provided by us.