DirtLock Pro – Sanitizing Rubber Mats

Every house needs this sanitizing rubber mats that can trap dirt and mud from footwear before a person enters the room. Its UV-resistant rubber bristles also ensure a longer lifespan than most other mats. Hirange is your one-stop destination to buy the best sanitizing rubber mats at best price.

  • 35*60cm, 40*60cm, 45*75cm, 60*80cm,
    80*100cm, 90*150cm, 90*180cm
  • Colors available on request
  • Outdoor
  • Commercial space
  • Highrange
  • Industrial

About this item

  1. Sanitizing Rubber Mats :
    This is a mat with raised edges that are used to clean and sterilise the shoe sole.
  2. The Black Carpet Mat :
    This mat will be inserted into the designer mat with a mix of water and surface disinfectant.
  3. Grey Carpet Mat:
    It will be placed on the tray’s front line to clean and dry the shoe sole before travelling to any specific spot.
  4. Disinfectant :
    It is a surface sanitizer that should be used at a rate of 10 mL per litre of water. (This is not included.)


Sanitizing rubber mats can be used by varities of industries like Apartments, Housing Societies, Condominiums, Government and private offices, Factories, Banks, Financial Firms, ATMs, Hospitals and Nursing Homes Sports Complexes, Gymnasiums, Pools, Car Dealer Showrooms, Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes,

Religious Places, Bus Stands, Railway Stations, Airports, Subway Stations, Schools, Universities, Colleges, Guesthouses, Coaching Centre, Cinema halls, Movie Theaters, Auditoriums, Marriage Halls

Sanitizing Rubber Mats


A Sanitizing rubber mat is designed to keep dirt, grime, water, snow, and debris from being tracked into your home. It can be filled with disinfection liquid to keep shoes clean and sanitary before entering the premises.


It is comprised of superior quality polymer bristles and ultra-absorbent fabric, and it does an excellent job of keeping feet clean. Furthermore, the surface of the Sanitizing rubber mats will not degrade with repeated additions of disinfectant for cleaning and disinfection.


The supplied disinfecting floor mat has a safe and non-slip double-slip design that may be firmly anchored to the ground to prevent slipping stability and provide extra safety for the elderly and children.


Not only does this shoe sanitising floor mat maintain your interior sanitary and your flooring clean, but it is also simple to clean. Simply shake, vacuum, hose down, or toss in the washing machine, and it will be as good as new after each wash.


The floor mat features a low profile design that lays flat on the floor and stays in place at all times. Its low clearance prevents it from catching under doors, while the looped material catches and traps infection-causing debris and mud.

After stepping in, dry your feet with this Sanitizing rubber mat, which features a soft-touch design and is skid-resistant for your convenience. Lightweight and effective at scraping. Every home can benefit from low-cost Sanitizing rubber mats. Because the products are composed of heavy-duty materials, they are long-lasting. Simple to clean and maintain. Ideal for everyday use. Prints, solids, and yarn-dyed alternatives are available in a variety of colours.

Instructions for Care: Spot Use non-chlorinated solvents to clean. Vacuum on a regular basis to keep dust and debris at bay. The item cannot be bleached or dry washed.


Yes, sanitizing rubber mats are available in different colors as per your request.

Yes your footwear will me germs & virus free