Boot Max – Rubber Boot Tray Online

The rubber boot tray comes with a multitude of uses and benefits. It also adds to the beauty of your home with its decorative design, look, and feel. Hirange offers the best and world class rubber boot tray online at best prices.

  • 40*80cm, 35*75cm, 35*87cm, 35*115cm
  • Black
  • Outdoor
  • Home and Garden

Staying outdoors for a long duration makes your shoes get exposed to mud, dirt and dust particles that are not invited to your home. It is necessary to keep our home clean and safe from any sort of germs and a well-designed rubber boot tray comes quite handy and affordable. It can easily hold three pairs of shoes and catch water, dust, and mud that falls off from them.

Top Benefits To Buy Rubber Boot Tray Online:

1. Efficient Design and Make:

It can easily store up to 3 pairs of boots or regular shoes. It is designed with a raised rim that helps to keep the outdoors on the tray instead of stone floors, tile, wood, or carpet. It is efficiently designed to trap snow, mud, dirt, and water near your garage, back door or front door. It is easy to clean when dirty. All you have to do is just rinse off the boot tray with a water hose that is easily available at home. It is made efficiently with rubber having a decorative design that adds to the beauty of your home. It is highly durable and waterproof in nature. Even with continued use and wash, it lasts longer making it for a valuable buy.

During winters, it works perfectly to collect snow melt off from your snow boots and shoes. When you buy rubber boot tray online, it comes quite easy on your pocket and overall budget. Made with 100% rubber material, it is highly usable and stands efficiently during the cold winter days unlike the plastic trays that become bridle during the colder temperatures. Its watertight design and waterproof make ensures that water stays in the tray and doesn’t spill on your floor. Its elevated design helps to contain food scraps and water.

2. Multipurpose Use:

It is great for watering your indoor flower pots and plants. As it is waterproof in design, it collects off the extra water once you are done watering the plants. When you buy a rubber boot tray online, you can also place it at the back of your truck, SUV, car or van to store spillable groceries and dirty boots.

You can easily place a pet bowl with food or water for your furry friends at home. Buy rubber boot tray online from Hirange Rubber & Coir Products Pvt. Ltd now at the best price to protect your floor from mud, snow and dirt.


Yes, in winter it works perfectly to collect snow melt off from your snow boots and shoes.