Highrange Rubber Mats

If you want a rubber mat that is perfectly easy to clean, made of durable and extra strong bristles to withstand torsion and extreme weather conditions, and comes in custom sizes, you need the best rubber mats manufacturers in India. Highrange is one of India's top rubber mats exporter that supply you with your desired product.

Our rubber mats help keep your space clean, prevent the accumulation of dirt, are easy to maintain, and have satisfactory durability.

5 Key Features of Highrange Rubber Mats

  • Non-Slippery :
    Highrange rubber mats have an enhanced friction coefficient that mitigates the risk of slip or fall at the entrance.
  • Highly Durable :
    The weather-resistant properties of our rubber mats make them perfect for outdoor spaces during any season.
  • Enhances Interiors :
    Each design of our mats collection has been exclusively curated to add elegance and an element of decor to your space. It is the ideal mat for both residential and commercial spaces. The designs speak of royalty, intricate home decor, and beautiful redefinition of your space.
  • Wide Range :
    They come in multiple designs, colours, and sizes, thus providing you with several choices for your various requirements.
  • Prevents Dust Collection :
    Our mats have specially engineered grooves to trap dust particles that are very common at the entrance. Placing them at the entrance will prevent your space from getting soiled by external dust. It is best for stores and entrances that experience heavy footfall. You can place it at all commercial places. The grooves trap out efficiently and make it a perfect mat.

5 Ways to Use Highrange Rubber Mats

  • Our rubber mats are ideal for both indoor and outdoor uses. For outdoor uses, you can choose the specially crafted weather-resistant varieties.
  • Specially designed grooves make them suitable for trapping dust and keeping your space clean.
  • Use Highrange mats to bring about the festive makeover of your place
  • They are extremely versatile. Place them anywhere, like at the entrance of your house, office, in wet areas like gardens, or in front of bathrooms.
  • Our rubber mats have a long shelf life, and you can use them at busy places like entrances to commercial buildings or shops.

Highrange - Best Rubber Mats Supplier

Grabbing the best rubber mats for your home or office can be an intimidating task. However, with the help of a trusted & best rubber mat manufacturer in India like Highrange, you can get the most ideal rubber mats for your space in terms of quality, performance, and style.

Our rubber mats are suitable for all types of entrances. They also have superior cushioning to mitigate risks of fatigue and provide comfort even when standing on them for a long time.

Key Highlights:

  1. Our entire range of rubber mats is made of weather-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials to provide the best performance and long shelf life.
  2. Highly resilient Highrange rubber mats are abrasion-resistant and serve for long periods.
  3. We have a variety of designs and patterns to suit your needs.

About Highrange

We are the best rubber mats exporter and manufacture in India. We export quality rubber mats to suit international standards. Highrange is indeed the first-choice rubber mat to buy for all your needs.



Color available on request


Choose from over 100 designs


Durable fiber and extra-strong bristles


Easy-to-clean surface




Withstand extreme weather conditions


Custom sizes available

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